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Scholarship For Israeli Student At Brookes University

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The Post-Graduate scholarship for a student from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) is now in  its 3rd year.

Both Oxford Brookes University (OBU) and BGU share international reputations and have been providing excellent support to the OJC's Working Party. The scholarship continues to operate with the support of the Oxford Jewish Congregation (OJC). The programme carries the support of OJC's Council and the Vice-Chancellors of both universities. It is hoped that the scholarship will continue to develop co-operation between Brookes and BGU.

Our first scholarship recipient helped Brookes' students to find out about Israeli culture and promote Israel/Arab friendship and understanding on campus, a major factor in its success. The second recipient comes from a small Bedouin village near Beersheba and has continued to relate her positive experiences of Israel among her peers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have enabled this scholarship to happen by donating to the scholarship fund. We would also like to ask you to keep us in mind for future donations so that the success of this scholarship can be embedded over the long term for the benefit of Israeli recipients as well as Jewish students on OBU campuses.

The Sam Zuckerberg Scholarship

We were very fortunate in 2013 to have received a substantial donation that will ensure the continuation of this scholarship for another 4 years. As a result, from September 2014, it will be renamed as The Sam Zuckerberg Scholarship. However, our fundraising challenge continues as this donation does not allow for inflation nor does it fully cover the non-tutorial costs. Fund raising is being conducted by a working group that includes Oxford Jewish Congregation members and the Development Director at Brookes, with whom the terms and conditions for the scholarship programme were agreed.

Supporting the Scholarship

If you feel that you are able to support the project – or if you know of anyone who should be approached for funding support, please download files 1 & 2 below. Alternatively, if you would like further information before contributing, you can contact Sandra Dwek at or Isaac Garson at

The contents of this page will be updated from time-to-time. To be kept informed of how our fundraising is going and of any future developments, please visit us again soon.

WAYS TO DONATE to the OBU scholarship - GIFT AID & Donation Form


The first Post-Graduate student Elad Almog, from Ben Gurion University  was selected last year to be the first recipient of the Israeli Scholarship at Oxford Brookes University. Elad has a degree in Tourism from BGU and will study a Masters degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management at Oxford Brookes University.  During his year, Elad helped Brookes' students find out about Israeli culture and promote Israel/Arab friendship and understanding on campus. It is hoped that the scholarship will lead to more co-operation between Brookes and BGU.


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