Please support us by making a donation or contribute to our legacy project.   

One of the most effective ways of ensuring future funding for our Synagogue is by the receipt of legacy funds from the estates of our members. For the benefit of the entire congregation, we are keen to increase the amounts received from this source.

To Make a legacy donation

A legacy donation is a promise that you make now in your lifetime, but is not due to be paid to the Synagogue until after you have passed away, and is left to the discretion of your Executors. It is the ultimate act of tzedakah since you will not be here to be thanked.

However, by making this pledge now, you will be helping to ensure that the next generation of our community will be soundly financed.

How it works

There are three ways to make a legacy donation. A Letter of Wishes very loosely instructs your dependants and Executors to consider such a donation at the end of your life. A Codicil is a more formal instruction that is appended to your Will. Or your Will itself can be amended to take into account these instructions. Whichever route you choose, your promise can be lodged in confidence with the Synagogue.


Please discuss this idea with your family and, if appropriate, consult your solicitor. The simplest approach is to sign a Letter of Wishes. A Letter of Wishes is not a legally binding document. As such, there is no requirement on your beneficiaries to follow its terms. However, you may expect it to have a certain persuasive force and it is something you can put in place easily – without the need to alter your existing Will structure. If you would prefer to make your legacy donation more formal then you should consider a Codicil or an amendment to your Will. 

If you are unsure on how to proceed or would like any further details please contact enquiries@ojc-online.org


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