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What is a community?

In Hebrew a synagogue is called a Bet Tefillah, a Bet Knesset and a Bet Midrash.
The Oxford Jewish community includes all these three elements also: we hold services as a Bet Tefillah, a house of prayer; we hold social events as a Bet Knesset , a house of meeting; and we come together to study as a Bet Midrash, a house of study.
At the OJC we come together, whatever our age and whatever our religious bent, for a very wide range of social and leisure pursuits. There are social and cultural events for adults; youth activities; a playshul for the very young; parents and family events; afternoon socials for the older members, a choir and much more; as well as action groups involved in general Jewish issues; local issues; community action and charity. On a voluntary basis members pursue together common goals, concerns and interests.

Why become a member?
Shul membership provides a tremendous sense of belonging and a place to share life's milestones. The benefits of membership that you and your family can enjoy throughout the year are as follows:

  • Partnering in the growth of the community. Play a part in building the community providing your input and ideas into community events and programs.
  • Honouring life cycle events such as Brit, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, and burials. Members are helped with organising all Jewish life cycle events often involving a guest rabbi where needed. Members commemorate their important events with the community.
  • Yahrzeit reminders. Members receive notification prior to Yahrzeit dates.
  • Supporting your local Shul. Help build and strengthen the Jewish presence in your own neighbourhood.
  • Shabbat and Holiday services. Traditional services and classes in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Weekly Learning . Opportunity to participate in classes and discussion groups taking place throughout the week as well as private one-on-one learning sessions.
  • Monthly Rosh Hodesh events. Special monthly women's evening to socialize and learn and do something new!
  • Social events. Fun and exciting social events to build strong close relationships between all member families!
  • Facilities for young and old. OJC provides facilities, from Playshul, Cheder, youth club and Kaytana (summer camp) for the young, through to JSoc, Post Grads and Young Professionals groups. And for all adults there are Choir, Adult study, Mosaic, WIZO, Friendship Club, 3rd Age activities and much more.
  • Membership provides free entry to most social and cultural events and attendance at Playshul and youth club.

For further details on membership email:  membership@ojc-online.org 

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