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Fun Jewish websites for teens


www.schmoozify.comA new initiative by a collective of 20-somethings 'talking about our relationship to Judaism, the major issues of today, and much more'

www.ujs.org.ukWebsite for the Union of Jewish Students, including information on Jewish Societies around the country, and a Campus Guide laying out the Jewish credentials of British universities.

www.chabad.org  : Information, articles, advice, and blogs on topics from this week's parshah to social issues to recipes.

www.rainbowjews.comInformation on Jewish LGBTQ in the UK

www.aish.com : Aish.com's goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover his or her heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. 

www.bje.org.au/learning/index.html :  Austrailian website but with relevant aspects of Judaism, to Jewish history in modern times

General websites with educational information for teachers:










www.on1foot.org : A database of Jewish texts relating to different social justice topics, as well as ideas for discussions and lessons based on the texts

www.hebcal.com : An interactive calendar including what time Shabbat comes in wherever you are in the world, the dates of festivals, a Gregorian-Hebrew date converter, and Torah readings.

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