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Kosher Meals at the OJC

Please Note that for the durationn of the Pandemic restrictions the OJC builiding is unable to offer any meals. 


Kosher evening meals - term time
There is a kosher meals service at the Oxford Jewish Centre in Richmond Road during University term times. Meals are available to other visitors to Oxford, during term time, as well as to students, but must be booked in advance by calling the centre on 01865 514 356 or via the student meals officer Dinner is served daily except Sundays and also lunch on Saturday. Charges are reasonable.

Kosher meals are also now available for members of the community or visitors on weekdays ( pay at the caretakers on arrival) and on Shabbat ( book by mid-day Thursday for Friday night or Shabbat lunch on )

Some kind congregants may offer hospitality to visitors in their own homes on Shabbat and festivals. If you would like to arrange this, please contact us at . It would be very helpful if you could give your home address or contact details, and an indication as to your degree of kashrut and Shabbat observance, for example, how far you would be prepared to walk.

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