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Egalitarian Services

No photos were taken on Shabbat or Chag

There are student-led Egalitarian Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night services during the University term. An informal chilled Friday night service open to anyone who is interested, with lots of singing, lots of lovely people, some stress-free Shabbat joy to start the weekend! The service is an Egalitarian mixture of traditions (Progressive, Masorti, ...) and tunes. The service starts in parallel with the Orthodox service (varying according to the time of the year) and finishes in time to join the JSoc Friday night dinner. If you wish to eat dinner with the students please book in advance through www.oxfordjsoc.co.uk/jsoc or by contacting givemefood@oxfordjsoc.co.uk . 

Please contact connections@ojc-online.org for exact times and further details. 

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