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Masorti Services

No photos were taken on Shabbat or Chag

On the last Shabbat morning of every month, a Masorti service is held at the OJC. Masorti means "traditional"; and our services are conducted using the traditional Hebrew liturgy in the Singer siddur. In a relaxed atmosphere, we hold egalitarian services, with men and women sitting together and participating equally in all parts of the service, an approach which is permitted within the Masorti interpretation of Halacha.

The service begins slightly after the Orthodox service and ends so that we join the rest of the congregation for a communal Kiddush, thereby following the all-important Oxford minhag of one cohesive congregation. Those who want to listen are welcomed equally with those who are able to take an active part in the service- at any level, such as leading a portion of the service, leyning or reciting the Prayer for the Royal Family in English. We also encourage the participation of the children, for example in leading the singing of Adon Olam and in dressing the Torah.

We do not hold separate Masorti High Holyday services but join the Orthodox or Progressive congregations on these special days of worship. We are happy to help in arranging family celebrations, for example baby blessings, bar and bat mitzvah and if you would like any further information about Masorti, please do not hesitate to contact connections@ojc-online.org .

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