Shabbat Services

Friday night

Orthodox Friday evening services run throughout the year.

The times vary depending on the time of year; for exact times please contact   

During University term time there are often Egalitarian Friday night services at the same time as the Orthodox service.

Orthodox Friday evening services run throughout the year. However, in keeping with Orthodox practice, we need ten men for a minyan, and during University vacations we rely on the permanent membership. We will always try to begin on time, but sometimes it's worth knowing that there are one or two more men on their way. Therefore any men who can be present for this short service (less than one hour) are asked to let us know when they can attend. Men and women are equally welcome to say Mourners’ Kaddish in these services.

For further details contact 

Shabbat morning

There is an Orthodox Services every Shabbat; and once-a-month Masorti Services on the last Shabbat of the month and once-a month Progressive Services on the second Shabbat of the month. Please contact for exact times.


The OJC Kiddush

When all services are completed the different groups join together for a communal Kiddush, thereby following the all important Oxford minchag of one cohesive congregation. This is one of the special "only at Oxford" phenomena. No matter which services people attend on Shabbat (Othodox/Masorti/Liberal & Progressive/Womens'), everyone comes together to celebrate the kiddush as a single community.

How to Sponsor a Kiddush

To sponsor a Kiddush at the OJC on Shabbat or a Yom Tov, please contact .

No photos were taken on Shabbat or Chag
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