Sukkot 5780 - סכות

Welcome to our services. We regard it as our mitzvah to offer hospitality to any Jews who happen to be in Oxford, away from their home communities, at this special time of the year. Should you require a meal, please contact us on (01865) 514356 or email

SUKKOT (There will be a Kiddush in the Sukkah after every service.)

Eve of Sunday 13rd October - (14 Tishri)

Monday 14th  October - (15 Tishri)

Tuesday 15th October  - (16 Tishri)


Sunday 20th October - (21 Tishri)


Eve of Sunday 20th October - (21 Tishri)

Monday 21st October - (22 Tishri)

For details of services times please consult your calendar or email

  • All the major festivals are celebrated at the synagogue.
  • There is usually a single Orthodox service for all major festivals at which everyone is welcome.
  • Details of all these services can be found on the synagogue display boards, and in Community publications (weekly bulletins, and monthly newsletter) which are distributed to members. Visitors should contact
  • We want children to enjoy coming to our services, so we have set up various activities for children to participate in. If you would details of the children's services please contact
  • Enquiries can be made on the synagogue office phone (01865) 514356 or by emailing
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