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Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ)


CCJ is a national organisation founded in 1942 during the darkest days of World War II under the auspices of the then Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its aim is to promote dialogue and understanding between Christians and Jews. The Oxford branch has been flourishing for a number of years.

CCJ’s main means of fostering communication and understanding between the two faiths is through a programme of monthly meetings. Some of these meetings are musical (for example the Chanukah/Advent concert, with latkes and mince-pies), at which OxfordShir often plays an invaluable role; some are commemorative, such as Holocaust Memorial Day, some intellectually stimulating, some purely sociable. Events include films, talks and musical evenings, including the annual Richard Harries lecture. Issues are discussed from Jewish and Christian perspectives. All events are open to all and usually end with light refreshments, and with them the opportunity for cheerful and informal conversations among attendees.

For more information about the local branch and our events please contact or You can also contact the current chairman, Catherine Oppenheimer, at, or visit the website at

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